E-commerce Business Activities

  • San Marino is one of the few Countries worldwide to have adopted a law that regulates e-commerce which, issued in 2013, has liberalised numerous businesses that in the past, although plied online or though other communication systems, required a retail trading license whose holders have to be individuals who live in the Republic of San Marino representing the majority of the majority capital.
    Therefore, the good news is that starting from 2013 also those who do not live in San Marino can start their own online retail business, by means of TV selling (telemarketing), or by telephone, fax or any other means of electronic communication without requiring any majority shareholder resident in San Marino.

  • The e-commerce license can be either exclusive (if the business sells its products and services using e-commerce) or related to another type of license in the form of an “extension”.
    A summary of the basic aspects of the law is presented in the following paragraphs.

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Forms of electronic commerce and relative licences

By electronic commerce we mean any commercial businesses selling any products and services by means of electronic communications. The electronic presentation of the products resulting in no transactions do not fall in the above definition.

Electronic commerce can be plied in the following ways:

    • through an exclusive licence, for which a relevant license should be issued;
    • through a non exclusive licence: communication should however be transmitted to the Industry, Crafts and Trade Office.
  • In order for an e-commerce business to be plied, the company shall have an office in the Republic.
  • Where the business includes also the stock of the goods, then a place for their storage is also required.
  • The storage and stock can be performed by a logistics company based in the Republic of San Marino.

Registration of the electronic commerce operator

In order for the e-commerce business to be performed, this must be formally recorded in the e-commerce business register, including:

  • Economic Operator identification Number
  • Website Domain Name
  • E-mail address (please specify if it is a certified mail address)
  • Server Location and Manager

E-commerce activities can be plied in the form of:

  • Retail or wholesale commerce
  • Provision of services