Have you activate your digital domicile?

San Marino electronic registered mail

Based on Article 22 of Law No. 137/2018 and Regulation No. 7/2018, all economic operators through the legal representative (or by proxy), must go to a postal counter in San Marino to activate the digital domicile (tNotice). For registration, the legal representative must identify himself with a valid identity document.

The “digital domicile” is the e-mail address with which the company and/or economic operator exchanges digital correspondence, but will have legal validity only for relations maintained with the Public Administration of the Republic of San Marino and of San Marino economic operators.

For economic operators who have not registered a valid digital domicile, an administrative fine will be applied for each infringement:

  • Starting May 1, 2019 equal to the sum of € 50, for each initiative of use of the economic operator’s digital domicile, up to a maximum amount of € 600 for each calendar year.
  • From January 1, 2020 equal to the sum of € 200, for each initiative of use of the economic operator’s digital home, up to a maximum amount of € 2.400 for each calendar year.

Any change must be declared within 30 days. To the subjects who will not communicate this variation of the information and therefore result lacking in a valid digital domicile, a monetary sanction is applied as in the previous paragraph.



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