Business Licenses

  • Anyone, whether individual or corporate body, that wants to set up a business in the Republic of San Marino must be qualified with a special license issued by the Industry, Crafts and Trade Office with the exception of all farmers who sell their products on a seasonal basis on their farms and do not exercise sales activities relating to the products of others.

  • There are some types of licenses that do not need particular requirements in terms of corporate capital, of holding structure or of the authorisations; whereas other activities are regulated or require that the majority of the share capital is held by individual resident in San Marino. Here Regulated Activities you can find all relevant details.

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Multiple licenses on the same company

    • Each economic operator can be the holder of more licenses as long as these are of different types and the purposes of the licenses must be consistent with one another.
    • Those who have a Crafts license can be the holder of two licenses at most.
      (For the purposes of the license accumulation, also the exclusive e-commerce license is included)
    • Licenses for exercising service and commercial activities can be located in the same office.
    • The Retail Trade License and the Wholesale Trade License must have different offices.
    • In order to be granted the second license to exercise businesses in the same office, the company must have at least one employee.

Business License fees

All the economic activities are subject to a license issuing and renewal tax according to the following chart. The registration fee, on the other hand, is a tax for the companies, to be paid on an annual basis also in case of license revocation.

Enterprises / Companies Issue Renewal Registration Fees
Crafts, trade and industrial enterprises € 170 € 80
General partnerships, Single-member companies € 1700 € 650 € 170
Limited liability companies € 1700 € 650 € 350
Joint stock companies € 1700 € 650 € 500
Insurance, Financial companies € 2400 € 2400 € 500
Bank institutions € 4000 € 3500 € 500
Associations and legal entities € 170 € 80

Newly-established enterprises, owned by partners who didn’t run a business in San Marino in the previous year and who hire an employee within 6 months (who could even be the administrator) and a second employee within 24 months, as indicated by Law No. 115 of 29/09/17 and subsequent amendments, are not subject to the license issuing tax for the subsequent three years of business activity. For more information, visit this page.