High-tech Startup Companies

for individuals, startups and company spin-offs

  • The Delegated Decree no.101/2019 has ratified several previous decrees, introducing some meaningful fiscal incentives and possibilities for the high-tech startup companies, ranging from tax reductions on business profits to a more streamlined procedure for those economic operators who want to apply for a residence or domicile permit, thus making San Marino one of the world’s most attractive Countries to start a Business in order to promote the technological innovation inside and outside the territory of the Republic.

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  • 12 years

    term of the incentives


    tax on profits (IGR)

Innovation Decree: advantages and innovations

Among the various innovations envisaged by the Decree, it is worth emphasizing the most significant:

  1. Tax benefits
    • Tax advantage for 12 years and reduced share/registered capital.
    • Tax incentives for investments realized by legal and physical persons.
    • Waiver of capital gains arising from the disposal of investments.
  2. Residence, Residence Permits and Labor Laws
    • Residence for administrators and family members and residence permits for all employees.
    • Liberalization of CoCoPro (project contracts) and occasional and accessory work.
    • Ability to remunerate collaborators and employees with instruments of participation in the share capital.
  3. Innovation
    • Possibility of creating technological research specialized consortia.
    • Possibility for foreign companies to create spin-offs in San Marino.
    • Possibility of establishing incubators, accelerators and certified scientific and technological parks.
    • Possibility of acquiring the status of “Certified Partner”.
  4. Other advantages
    • Possibility to use “Certified by San Marino Innovation” logo.
    • Possibility to participate in any other initiative organized by San Marino Innovation.
    • Possibility of being involved in institutional initiatives related to its operational area and promoted by the Institute.
    • Possibility to participate in multi-sectorial technological aggregation initiatives promoted by San Marino Innovation, with the aim of developing cooperation between business systems and technological competence centers.
    • Possibility of being involved in dedicated working groups for the preparation of Institute’s regulatory proposals.
  • Three business categories

    Three different categories of business for a journey of 12 years.

    1. First Level Technological Startup (SUT I)
      Executive phase (startup): the idea becomes a project.
      3 years permanence.
      0% General Income tax.
      Payment’s exemption for the operating license fee and subsequent annual fees.
      Share capital: € 1.
    2. Second Level Technological Startup (SUT II)
      Early growth phase (early growth), the company has started to expand and there are positive drops in turnover.
      4 years permanence.
      4% General Income tax.
      Payment’s exemption for of the operating license fee and subsequent annual fees.
      Share capital: € 10000.
    3. Highly Technological Society (SAT)
      Consolidation phase (sustained growth), the company has reached full commercial operation.
      5 years permanence.
      8% General Income tax.
      Share capital: € 20.000.
  • How to enroll in the Register of Companies with High Technological Content

    Requirements and procedures:

    • Being a company incorporated under the laws of San Marino in the form of a joint-stock company, incorporated for at least 12 months.
    • Hold an industrial or service license.
    • Not have participations through fiduciary mandate.
    • To have obtained the highly innovative certification of the company from the Institute for Innovation of the Republic of San Marino S.p.A.
    • Requesting registration with the Register of Companies with high technological content at the Economic Activities Office within 90 days of issuing the certification, under penalty of forfeiture of the status of a company with high technological content.
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