Business License Fees

  • Anyone, whether individual or corporate body, that wants to set up a business in the Republic of San Marino must be qualified with a special licence issued by the Industry, Crafts and Trade Office except for all farmers who sell their products on a seasonal basis on their farm and do not exercise sales activities relating to the products of others.

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  • All the economic activities organised in the form of enterprise are subject to a license issuing tax (only for the first year) and, in the subsequent years, to an annual license tax as well as to a processing charge that amounts to 350,00 euro.

    Newly-established enterprises that fulfill Law N. 71/2013 and Law N. 115/2017, are not subject to the license issuing tax and to the subsequent renewals for the first three years of activity.

Business license fees

All the economic activities are subject to a license issuing and renewal tax according to the following chart. The registration fee is a tax applied to companies, to be paid on an annual basis also in case of license revocation.

Enterprises / Companies Issue Renewal Registration fees
Crafts, trade and industrial enterprises € 170 € 80
General partnerships, Single-member companies € 1700 € 650 € 170
Limited liability companies € 1700 € 650 € 350
Joint-stock companies € 1700 € 650 € 500
Insurance, Financial Companies € 2400 € 2400 € 500
Bank institutions € 4000 € 3500 € 500
Associations and legal entities in general € 170 € 80

Newly-established enterprises, owned by partners who didn’t run a business in  San Marino in the previous year and hire an employee within 6 months (who could even be the administrator) and a second employee within 24 months, as indicated by Law No. 115 of 29/09/17 and subsequent amendments, are not subject to the license issuing tax for the next three years of business activity. For more information, visit the page about the tax incentives granted on licenses.