New changes to regulation for economic development support

by Law 115/2017 and Delegated Decree 119/2017

On 29/09/2017, Law No. 115/2017 was issued, this brings changes to the rules on support for San Marino’s economic development, further amended by Delegated Decree No. 119/2017 declaring new incentive requirements.

Basically, companies that start a business in San Marino, with partners who didn’t carry out business inside the Republic during the previous year and who hire an employee within 6 months (including the same legal representative) and a second employee within 24 months, may benefit from the exemption of licensing fees and for the subsequent three years. They may also benefit from taxation at 8.5% for 5 years, instead of 17% (practicable within 3 years from the issue of license), as well as to receive contributions for new recruits, facilities for obtaining residence and hire non-Sammarinese staff.

For more information please visit our updated pages with the new terms.

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