Is my project good for the Crowdfunding?

Any idea can be financed using crowdfunding as long as the product is well defined and can be pre-sold to the market: they can be either tangible or intangible products,services, application software, etc.

If, for example, you have devised a mobile cover having some special characteristics, which costs 50 Euros and whose first thousand pieces can be produced with a 10,000 Euro investment, such idea can be totally funded as we can get about around 500 contributions that will be enough in order to found a San-Marino based company, to finance the production and to pay accountant and office rent for a year: really easy.

If, for example, you want to start a Wedding Planner business, it is not a product that can be pre-sold, it cannot be delivered as a “package” and it would have a too restricted target market to be pre-sold.

Also creative works can be financed: software, books or a specific course are products that can be easily pre-launched.

In order to be supported, it is advisable for the project to be carefully developed, accompanied by drawings, texts, videos and demonstrations to purchase the product: projects that are incomplete or done with carelessness will not appeal to the crowd in terms of raising capitals.

Therefore, if you have any idea and that you think is worth pursuing… submit it to us!
We will be glad to evaluate it for you!

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