False myths and useful information: StartUp.sm teaches us a lesson!

Anytime someone mentions San Marino, a series of information come up to one’s mind, which, most of the times, have turned out to be false myths. For instance, people think that anonymously numbered bank accounts can be opened in the Republic of San Marino. It that true?

There are those who wonder whether by driving into San Marino with their own car they run the risk of being inspected, there are those who wonder how to start up a business in the Republic without working from here, there are those who wonder whether they can get a residence permit by starting a business based in San Marino, and there are those who wonder how to outsmart the fiscal system in order to evade the VAT, and so forth…

If you too have asked yourself at least one of these questions before, then we have the right answer to your needs.

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Startup.sm è il primo sito in italiano ed in inglese che fornisce assistenza e supporto per aprire e avviare società a San Marino: scopri gli incentivi, le regole e i motivi per fare impresa a San Marino.

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