Our 2015 lab project

Newly-founded businesses, wherever they decide to start up, need assistance particulary during the development phase, and they should also have the chance to enhance their performance by investing in training and technology. But what if such financial burden was borne by someone else?

With Startup.sm those companies that decide to start up their businesses in the Republic of San Marino can benefit from a hi-tech lab where they will be able to plan and develop new products, but also for their training activities, for their business meetings and to share their achievements.

The multilab that trasforms Startup.sm into a profitable business incubator, real excellence of the San marino entrepreneurial fabric, is not a dream but something real whose first stone has already been laid.
The information, assistance and training phases have already commenced and any company that wants to start up its businesses in San Marino, will find in Startup.sm a reliable and efficient reference point. In the next few months it will also open up its new premises offering a lab where to train, stay updated, invest and experiment.

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Startup.sm è il primo sito in italiano ed in inglese che fornisce assistenza e supporto per aprire e avviare società a San Marino: scopri gli incentivi, le regole e i motivi per fare impresa a San Marino.

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