Is it advantageous to start your own business in San Marino?

What is the advantage of starting a business in San Marino?

The advantages of choosing such location do not lie only in the soft taxation policies applied by the San Marinese Republic, there are actually more benefits and you can see them at first hand even in the early startup stages.

Starting up a business in San Marino means receiving some benefits and bonuses that ensure the enterprise startup and its successful performance over the years, mostly during the initial startup period which also tend to be the most delicate. What are the other advantages?

  • It is advantageous because of the bonuses.
  • It is possible to use the high-tech startup companies special law.
  • There is a direct contact with the insitutions.
  • Companies have assistance, training and support.
  • Access to a new crowdfunding mechanism.

San Marino makes available to the businesses several bonuses and for those entrepreneurs who develop high tech products, there are some additional advantageous financings.

Bureaucracy will become just a memory, as well as the distance from the state institutions that allow to start a business in San Marino. The San Marinese public bodies are open and available to citizens, just like that supports the entrepreneurs by assisting them during the business founding stage, training and guiding them during the early startup stages.

If you think that there is no one else who will believe in your project, then you should try our crowdfunding mechanism: sell the product you have developed and invest the proceeds in the startup and consolidation of your business.

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