How much does it cost to open your own business in San Marino?

Forget all the costs associated to bureaucracy and the tax policies that often suffocate entrepreneurship. If this has tickled your imagination, then it means that you have in mind a San Marinese enterprise.

In order to understand how to start your own business, you can call our customer service at +378-941011, to discuss about your project and we will tell you the advantages of starting a business in San Marino.

Maybe, on this phase, you will find hard to see the benefits coming from the contact with the institutions and what you want to know is only the answer to your “how much does it cost?” question. Perfect, as we are ready to illustrate to you the average costs involved by this business.

  • The “Minimal” package consists in a limited liability company with one shareholder, about 50 invoices issued every year and no employee, it costs 9,500 euros for the first year and 6,500 euros the following years.
  • The “Standard” package consists in a limited liability company with 4 stakeholders, 200 invoices issued every year and maximum 1 employee, it costs 10,900 euros for the first year and 7,500 euros for the following years.

Costs vary based on the services chosen by the entrepreneur and on the ancillary costs that are not associated with the company. During a one-on-one consultancy meeting with our experts, you wil be able to analyse your needs and to get an accurate estimation of the startup expenses, but most of all to know the services available for your project.

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