Why to start a business in San Marino

Starting a business in San Marino is advantageous in economic terms, is easy due to the Country’s structure but it is simplified by the contact with the experts who work with Startup.sm
Contact us. It is free and together we can estimate the costs of your project.

Starting a business in San Marino is economical.

The estimated average annual cost, after the business startup, is around 5,900 Euros: a risk that any entrepreneur may run in order to fulfill their dream and to see their project materialize.

Starting a business in San Marino is safe.

The direct contact with the institutions, the clear costs to be borne by the company and the assistance offered by the industry experts, will provide the best possible support and outcome long term to your business.

Starting a business in San Marino is easy.

If you have already devised a project you wish to develop, a product to invest in, a service you can offer, contact our office to talk about your idea. We will make available a lab where you can start up your business and experiment its enterprise sustainability. With a new crowdfunding system, we give you the chance to start the sale of products and services and to put off the economic investment to the moment when the project’s success is at hand.

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